About the capsules

Are the capsules recyclable?
Unfortunately, due to the complex nature of the NESCAFÉ® DOLCE GUSTO® capsules, they cannot currently be recycled. We apologise for this but, in order to ensure the quality of the product, we believe this is the best method of packing. We recommend that used capsules are simply disposed of in your regular household waste. 
We work very closely with all our packaging suppliers to ensure that the performance of our packaging is regularly improved and we take advantage of any technological advances.
How much coffee will I need for one cup?
All our drinks require one or two capsules. The amount of water you add to each is of course up to you, but our suggestion for how to prepare each hot drink is printed on the box.  
How do I know which capsule to use for which drink?
The top of the capsule will tell you which drink it is, but you will need to look at the colour of the base to see which kind of capsule it is, whether milk, coffee, chocolate or a cold variety:
 -Milk capsules have a white base 
- Coffee capsules have a black or dark brown. 
- Chocolate capsules have a light brown base
- Cold drinks have a silver base. 
Where can I buy capsules?
For purchase in store, you can take a look in the store lists in this website. Click here to take a look.
For online purchase, you can visit our online partners lazada.co.id or blibli.com.
Will you produce any other kinds of capsules in the future?
We are always looking to add new flavors to the range every year. We also bring in seasonal limited edition flavors from time to time. You can register to keep up to date with our new varieties that will be launched in the future.
My box of capsules does not contain any milk
For beverages that contain milk (coffee with milk, chocolate, or latte), you will have 2 kind of capsules with differenc colors.
For beverages that contain coffee, you will have 1 colored capsule only (black).
If you check your box and you feel that you were not given the correct amount of milk capsules, please call the NESCAFÉ® Dolce Gusto®consumer service hotline 001 803 657 121 (toll free).