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Now to create state of the art beverages, you just need your touch. Discover Drop, our new automatic coffee machine, inspired by a drop of coffee.

Automatic system. Includes FREE 6 Capsule Variety Pack
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With its design inspired by a drop of coffee, Drop is pioneering a new generation of automatic coffee machines. Thanks to the unique touch technology, you can enjoy state of the art beverages only at a touch of a finger. Marvel at the seamless curves, the hidden water tank and the unique interface.

With the high pressure system delivering up to 15 bars of pressure, in combination with the NDG capsules, you can enjoy a rich velvety crema on your coffee, frothy foam on your latte macchiato as well as delicious cappuccinos, indulgent chococinos and teas.

With just one touch, you can customise the size of your cup and enjoy your coffee exactly the way you like it, every time. Or if you want it as easy as possible, just follow the preparation suggestions on the capsule for a beautifully simple coffee experience

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SKU lokal 010942219118_00
Fusepump SKU 01367180002675
Mesin pabrik Krups
Machine Label for Manuals Page Drop Automatic
Kapasitas tangki air 0.8 l
Tempat sampah kapsul Ya
Pegangan kapsul Ya
Tuas tembaga Tidak
Nampan penadah Tidak
Lampu LCD Tidak
Lever mekanik Tidak
Roda penakar Lever
Berat mesin ~2.4 kg
Listrik mesin 1500 W
Voltage 230 V, 50 Hz
Garansi mesin 2 tahun
Related Recipe Tidak